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Miami Springs Child Care Center

Miami Springs Child Care Center

As the premier Miami Springs Child Care Center we pride ourselves in the quality of our remarkable teachers.

Ours is a childcare institution where we hope to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Our staff are all creative people that recognize the amazing potential children have to learn.

They turn learning into a fun-filled day of activity, making students be eager to return every day.Miami Springs Child Care Center

Our teachers are aware of  students who require additional attention and they address those needs.

The school has been carefully designed to make children feel at home.

We believe that early childhood development requires exposure to the arts, culture, and social interaction.

Our team is dedicated to laying the foundation that will bring out every child’s potential for learning.

We look for teachers that promote learning through creative means and that have a positive outlook on life.

We know they will bring out the best in our students.

The staff is experienced and nurturing , they make learning a fun and happy experience.

Classrooms are designed to make children feel at home.

Activities are designed to help them find all the wonderful things awaiting them.

Our enclosed playground helps them to get fit and burn energy at the same time.

We aim to prepare all our students to become ready for their next stage on the road to success.

We offer modern teaching methods, we encourage our students to be self confident, develop their creativity and explore new experiences.

Our Miami Springs Child Care Center’s teachers credentials:

Every teacher working for us has at least one degree and the certifications below.

  • BA’s (Bachelor of Arts) or AA’s (Associate in Arts) in Early Children Education

  • CDA‘s (Child Development Associate)             Miami Springs Learning Center, Teachers

  • CPR Certified

  • First Aid Trained

  • Bilingual (Spanish-English)

We serve  greater Miami, including Miami Beach, North Miami, Hialeah, Doral and the Miami Airport area.

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